Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Yes its almost Diddy League time again where has the last year gone!

First of all for all those swimmers and parents new to the club “What is Diddy League?” I hear you ask hopefully the following few paragraphs will give you more of an idea remembering foremost in your mind Diddy League is fantastic fun!!!!

It is a series of 4 galas involving swimmers ages 9 to 11 from swimming clubs throughout Cumbria:, Barrow, Kendal Copeland Workington, Carlisle Aquatics, Penrith, Cockermouth and Ulverston.  For the first two rounds and the A & B Finals (Round 3) the competition is split into two groups.  In Round one we will be swimming at Penrith, and for rounds 2 and 3 the venue depends on the results of the previous rounds. The Grand Final always takes place at Carlisle, which this year will be on 4th October 2015.


Each club sends a team of boys and team of girls to compete.  You swim as the age you will be on the date of the Grand Final.  The 9 year age group swims mixed relay events for Butterfly, Back and Breastroke and single sex relays for the Medley and Freestyle.  The remaining age groups swim a relay of four swimmers in each of the four strokes and a medley relay.  In addition there are individual events for the 10 and 11 year old swimmers where they can race over 50m (2 lengths) in breastroke, backstroke butterfly and front crawl.  Finally there is a Cannon relay, where the fastest boy and girl from each age group form a team of 6 for the final front crawl relay.  This is always the loudest, most exciting event – bring earplugs!! You have been warned!!!!!


This years galas are planned to take place as follows:-


Round one – Saturday 25 April 2015 – venue – Penrith

Round two – Saturday 16 May 2015 – venue – to be advised

Round three – Saturday 20 June 2015 – venue – to be advised

Round four – Grand Final – Sunday 4 October 2015 – venue – Carlisle


The Diddy League Friendly, is a great introduction to the Event it give the swimmers and parents a fantastic idea of what all the training is actually for.  This year once again we have been inviting some of our younger swimmers to practice basic racing techniques on a Sunday in the B squad lesson, but we have been holding time trials in all the lessons to finally choose the team.  Unfortunately we can only take the fastest swimmers to make the team, however, if you don’t get picked for the first round don’t be disappointed the team for the next round could be totally different. Just keep training hard and next time it could be you in the team.


It is really important for Barrow Swimmers to wear either a club t-shirt or club colours (black and red) on poolside and ensure you have a Barrow Swimming hat and goggles, spare goggles and a spare costume are always very useful too.


Finally, to our favorite part the food!!!! The best thing to eat the night before a competition is a meal with plenty of carbohydrates, like pasta or rice (not chips!!!).  Have a good breakfast on the day, and have lunch about 2-4 hours before the competition, a good breakfast would be cereals and toast, muffins or bagels.  For lunch, have something high in carbohydrates like cooked rice or a baked potato, but go easy on the protein and fat.


On poolside make sure you have plenty of drinks, in order to avoid dehydration.  No electronic devices to be taken onto poolside, (Phones, I-pods etc) this gala is really fast and exciting.


I hope this has given you an idea of what to expect this year, the most important thing of all is to enjoy this competition its great fun and allows Barrow Swimmers to meet and mix with swimmers from other clubs.


If you are struggling with transport or want to know anything else about the Diddy League please see Alison Sharpe or any of the coaches who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Please ensure you make a note of the dates for this gala and if anyone is unable to make any of the dates let Alison know as soon as possible so we can ensure we have sufficient swimmers for all the relays.


Good Luck Barrow and keep training hard


The Coaches