Barrow ASC Club Championships are ASA Licensed Level 4 Events.

Q: How do I know the event is licensed?  A: When advertised the license number will be displayed for each date eg. (4NW160617)

Q: What checks are in place to ensure correct running of events?  A: After every club champs we complete official paperwork and return to ASA, this includes Promoters Report, Referee Report and Officials Report.

Q: What Officials are required for Level 4 event?  A: Referee, Starter, Cheif Timekeeper, 2xFinish Judges, 6xTimeKeepers, 3xTurn Judges, 2xStroke Judges, Announcer & Time System Operator

Q: Can I help with the Meet?  A: Yes please speak to Mark Ralph and we will arrange a training session to start you on your journey as an official, this starts with a J1 or Timekeepers Course.

Promoters Conditions

  1. The meet will be a closed meet held under ASA laws & technical rules and is licensed by the ASA at level 4.
  2. The sessions will be held at The Park Leisure Centre, Greengate Street, Barrow in Furness.
  3. Warm up will commence at 4.45pm. Each Session will commence at 5.15pm and last no more than 2.5 hours.
  4. The pool is 25 metre long with 6 lanes, anti-wave lane ropes and Omega electronic timing will be used.
  5. The leisure centre and Barrow ASC cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of spectators or swimmers property. Swimmers are advised to use the lockers in the changing rooms.
  6. The Championships shall be open to eligible swimmers as defined by the ASA, who are registered members of Barrow ASC only.
  7. This will be a cardless meet.
  8. It is the swimmers Responsibility to report to the competitor steward in good time for their event.
  9. All events will be Heat Declared Winner.
  10. There are no qualifying times required for this meet.
  11. Entry times to be submitted in SC 25m , LC->SC 50m converted times will not be accepted.
  12. All events will be swum in “integrated age groups” with seeding by submitted times.
  13. Any swimmer not submitting an entry time, will be seeded automatically by the Sportsys meet management software.
  14. Results will be published at
  15. Entry fee is £1.50 per event, £5.00 for 800m
  16. Closing dates for entries will be 14th days prior to the start of each session.
  17. No poolside entries will be allowed.
  18. Ages are as of midnight on 31st December 2017
  19. The awards will be made for the following Age Groups will be as follows: 9 & under, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & over.
  20. Medals will be awarded to the first 3 swimmers in each Age Group.
  21. Anyone wishing to use cameras, video equipment or mobile phones with an image capturing facility must register their details at the Leisure Centre reception.
  22. Anything not covered in these Conditions is at the promoter’s discretion.

Draft Program.

A draft program will be made available a few days prior to each event, the purpose of which is to confirm your entries are correct. We are unable to take additional entries or amend / update entry times, it is the swimmers responsibility to make sure events and times are submitted correctly before the original closing date of the meet.


2017 Spectator Entry Fee: £3.00

Raffle will also be held at each session, all proceeds to Barrow ASC club funds.

All spectators on poolside and cafe will be required to pay entry fee, only poolside officials / officials in training / marshals are exempt.


We will endeavour to publish results on and ASA Official rankings with 7 days of the meet. (Excludes 25m Times)

Schedule of EventsHERE

Promoter: Mark Ralph


Updated: 23rd Feb 2016