Warm up from the AM Session will be 
8am -8:15am – Boys 13yrs & Over
8:15 am – 8:30am Girls 13yrs & Over
8:30am – 8:45am Boys 9-12Yrs
8:45am – 9am Girls 9-12Yrs
We will start as close to 9am as possible (There is also a Swim down / Warm up pool available)
Like the previous years i need to make a request regarding the balcony. We don’t have lots of seats available so there will be parents who won’t be able to gain access to a seat. (Deck Chairs are NOT to be used)
Can i request that family members are kept to a minimum to be fair to everyone, example -one year 6 members of the same family came to watch 1 swimmer, we can’t stop you but ask you to be sensible.
For those adults who don’t gain access to the balcony, we do have a plan to allow you to watch you son/daughter etc.. swim their race- not ideal but please bear with us on the day – you will not miss your swimmer race.