All Entries to Maureen no later than Sunday 2nd October.

MEDALS GALA – Saturday 5th November 2016

The competition will be held under ASA Laws and ASA Technical Rules.
1. All entrants must be a member of an affiliated club, and an amateur as defined by ASA Law.
2. Age Groups are 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 13yrs, 14 yrs, 15yrs, 16yrs & Over.
3. Competitors’ ages for all groups will be as at 5th November 2016. (Age on Day)
4. There are no lower cut off times. Entry times faster than the cut off time (higher) will be rejected.
5. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Entries for the event will be accepted from 12pm Monday 5th September 2016 to 12pm Friday 14th October 2016.
6. All events will be heat declared winners. Heats will be arranged according to submitted entry times. Where a competitor swims faster that the upper qualifying time for their age group, they will be ineligible for an award but will receive a ‘speeding ticket’.
7. Competitors are eligible to enter only events in their own age group and will only be eligible for an award in their own age group.
8. Entry to the 100m IM is on condition that the swimmer enters another event.
9. Entries are £4.00 per event.
10. A draft programme will be issued prior to the gala. Any errors must be reported to the organiser at least 14 days before the gala to allow time to amend the programme.
11. Any withdrawals must be submitted before 1pm on Friday 4th October 2016.
12. Entries will not be taken or amended on the day of the gala.
13. Competitors must report to the Competitors Stewards at the starting control 2 events before their event is due. Any competitor not reporting on time may be excluded from the event.
14. Medals or ribbons will be presented to the first 6 swimmers in each age group.
15. Presentations will be made throughout the competition, Competitors who have won awards must report to the Medals Stewards when called by the announcer.
16. Maximum 4 Coaches/Managers per team will be allowed poolside. Passes to be ordered with club entry form.
17. No outdoor shoes are to be worn on the poolside, footwear must be worn outside the pool area.
18. No glass containers are permitted on the poolside.
19. You are advised not to leave clothes or equipment unattended as the organisers and the pool management will not accept liability for loss or damage. Any lost property should be taken to the announcer’s table.
20. Only photography authorised by the pool operator and promoter will be permitted within the pool hall. No other photography (including mobile phones and tablets) is permitted within the pool hall and changing room area. Any person not complying with this will be asked to leave the complex.
21. The promoters (Garstang ASC) reserve the right to refuse admission to any competitor or spectator.
22 Any matter not covered in the above will be at the discretion of the organisers.
23. Any queries should be directed to the meet organisers.
24. A set of results will be sent out to each team.